Jakarta weather is the best

Unlike any other fasting month in recent memory, this one is cool, clean & green. Normally we would be experiencing Jakarta’s worse weather — impossibly dense smog, heat and pollution. You almost forget what color the sun, sky and clouds are and there’s a sense of impending doom.  I remember peering out from a cool taxi into the mad traffic and merry holiday bustle and wondering if it would snow.

The rainy season, should have dried up a  desert 3 full months ago in June, but it didn’t. A couple honest summer months — hot as hell but with green still seen  — would have followed. Then the unbearable radioactively hot months — which contain almost all the days I seriously thinking about leaving Jak. The city gets scorched and becomes truly ugly because there’s nothing to disguise the shabbiness.  A few teasing raindrops is about the best one could ever hope in terms of rain between May and September or October for during the decade I’ve around.

Not this year. The weather has been beautiful for as long as I can remember. It makes a huge difference. Traffic isn’t like weather. Choose well where you live, where your work and how you travel and bingo, you’re sorted.

Last week I took a night stroll beneath a full moon and a cool breeze. A month ago it was so cold I brought my sleeping bag down from the storage room.  And last week a blustery all-day rain storm filled the canal and flooded the road,  just as it normally does in February.


August rains bring purple gains

Back terrace Looking West

Vacancy upstairs in November


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