Beastly Bajaj Jakarta — Leave the orange-ments to us

Half man, half beast and equipped with nature AC, these ubiquitous orange beasts are of Indian origin. They’ll fit six bags of groceries, and three potted orchids in full bloom and heavy chunks of faux antiquity ; they’re invisible to cops; and they never complain.

Bajaj driver fills 'er up

We roll like this

However, Bajaj is Sanskrit for “chainsaw. And so we’ll let the gardens in front of the Sharehouse grow up for now — until they swap out all the sputtering two-cycle Bajaj taxis (pronounced baj-eye) with the new blue ones. Even though the landlord threatens horrible things if we don’t trim regularly.

A 2003 Jakarta ordinance — which the Indian manufacturer has agreed to support — would see stealthy 4-stroke and compressed natural gas (CNG) models eventually replace all Jak’s old-school chariots  of fire. However, that might be a while as they cost as much as 56 mil — many times the price of a new Yamaha Fazer streetbike (250 cc), also a chick-getter.

The old model autoricks are major polluters, but Indonesians have a soft spot for them, for their sputtering orange souls. They’re driven with pride, often well cared for, seen on TV, etc.

While the old ones are noisy, the new ones have apparently no passenger downsides. It’s like being allowed to drive around in a golf cart.

Here’s  the story about Yon the blind former bajaj driver whose current depot is [was] outside Hero at Taman Menteng, just across the bandjir canal from the Sharehouse.

Pop Quiz: How many people can you fit in a Bajaj?

Answer: All of them!

Next Gen 173cc 4-stroke Bajaj (LNG & petrol)


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  1. Hi i am a expat living in Bali and have a bajaj 3 wheeler and trying to find out an address where i can buy new parts in Jakarta as i am there for 4 days in feb 2011. my Bajaj is the same as the new blue ones
    Any help would be much appreciated
    Cheers Kelvin

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