The instant expat phenomenon– rich and poor head for the door

The expat phenomenon is rediscovered daily.  Misconceptions abound: people think expat refers to something specific (it’s a general term that means living abroad). Or that expats have money (in classic immigration theory it’s the poor that jet). Oh yes, and all this pioneering activity, always pressing for further and better — it’s very un-American?!

All packed up and no where to go? So here’s the link to Indonesian expat taxation white paper. If you’re the kind of person who gets your tax advice from guys marketing serviced sublease arrangements, you’re now golden.  The point is to double check the World Bank’s highest marginal tax rate list. While Indonesia is pretty close to the top of the list it seems it should be higher.

Indonesian Economy Roars

And for good measure I’ll add the World Bank’s Doing Business in Indonesia 2010.  Reason why is that Indonesia’s a fine place to make money, as well as park it.  Economy’s great here both in relative and absolute terms.  My little brother sent me this NYT article on how Indonesia has emerged as an Economic Model.Thanks bro! Indo is truly the most important country in the world that Americans don’t know about.

The article, as it turns out, belongs to a growing body of work published and present and former Sharehouse alumni.  Check it out.

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