Jakarta rains, garden gains

Central Java gets a bumper crop due to this years rain-on Indonesian weather.

Menteng Regen This picture made possible by the “hujan gila” — Jakarta’s incessantly lovely crazy rain —  and Om Klaas, the master bedroom master. Dank u, dude. Totaal intens!

Random music on the “Rain” playlist at the Sharehouse includes:

  • Crooked Rain: LA’s Desert Origins (Pavement)
  • Another Song About the Rain (Cracker)
  • Summer Rain (U2)
  • Somewhere Over the Rainbow (Norah Jones)
  • A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall (Bob Dylan)
  • Hey Mr. Rain (The Velvet Underground)
  • Hujan Pun Menangis (Anang)
  • Rainbow Stew (Merle Haggard)
  • No Ha Parado de Llover (Maná)
  • In Rainbows (Radiohead)
  • Box of Rain (Grateful Dead)
  • I’m a Rainbow Too (Bob Marley/Fat Boy Slim)

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