Smile for the Indonesian women & men police

Just remember this one — instant expat — you always gotta smile for the cops.

On the way to the gym yesterday I got in a hurry and forgot my wallet. Afterward, I got sucked into a nasty traffic vortex and popped out again in the wrong traffic lane.  As usual, the cops took it very “personally.”

After the first round of threats (haul me in, impound the vehicle) you naturally feel a little stressed. But here’s what I did right: just as it began to dawn on me that I was a sweaty, undocumented bule riding a bike with Jogya plates down the car lane, the sun-damaged skin that sheathes my elongated upper fangs retracted for a split second. And bingo — I was back in the mix.

So just pretend that every cop you see looks like the examples here. And forget those feckless surveys each year in the Jakarta Post — to the effect that Indonesian law enforcement is misguided and insensitive. All those corrupt surveys are actually sponsored for by the military, the Islamic groups, the parliament, civil society organizations, anarchists  — who knows. But they’re really sick, biased cop haters.

Sharehouse Jakarta

Indonesians divide teachers and cops into two flavors -- smiling and not.

Bright & Spiffy

Hope you get stopped by a (friendly) cop!

Polisi Indonesia

Indonesian police women are appreciated for their people skills

Polisi Senyum

Great police work

Polisi Indonesia Cewek

Small Indonesian woman on large Indonesian police motorcycle.

Indonesian Police Woman

Would you give her your (real) number?

Very Bright Future

Would she give you her number?

Cewek Polisi Mantap

Looks deceive?

Hot Cop

Arresting Indonesian peace officer

Polisi Cewek Indonesia

Another candid photo of a friendly Indonesian police officer

Cop for a Day

Nadine, former Puteri Indonesia, models the short skirt and tight blouse worn by female police officers in Indonesia

Meanwhile, with more and more Indonesian women joining the work force daily as police officers in Indonesia , the picture couldn’t be rosier.

Let’s be frank. The best thing about Indonesia — as far as guys are concerned — is the Indonesian women. No matter how bad you screw things up, there’s almost always a women who can — and does — walk in and fix it. Almost instantly. No guy ever could, would or will.

Just remember 1) people matter more than rules here 2) you mustn’t forget to smile. No matter how innocent you are, it’s critically important to tell *all* cops and authority figures you’re really sorry for ruining their greatest FB shot ever or whatever they were doing when you washed onto the scene and wrecked their day.

Pak  . . .


. . . You’re free to go.

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