Jakarta’s beautiful girl weather — the calm before the storm

In like lion, out like a lamb. That’s what they say about the month of March back home.

Here in Menteng, the angle of the sun, kamikaze flower petals and soft sounds of mourning doves and falling water contribute to the illusion this a sleepy suburb. People who work on the street are napping in the pre-rush hour rays.

Tomorrow’s forecast for Jakarta is “passing clouds” and “more sun than clouds.” Today is the most beautiful day of the year since March 2010 — I’m willing to bet. The Jakarta weather right now is 26 degrees, berawan just a bit — and totally beautiful.

It’s also officially the strangest weather since I parachuted into Indo as an instant expat 12 years ago. According to Soeroso Hadiyanto — climatology boss at the Badan Meterologi Klimatologi & Geofisikia – the official Indo climate control body (BMKG) – this year resembles 1998, except that it’s much more extreme. In that regard, he says he’s not really sure what to say.

Except this: all of Indonesia is on a weather warning for extremely extreme weather coming our way for Christmas and New Years. In other words watch out just about the time that 2011 hits the floor and 2010 heads for door. Because La Nina’s back in Jak and this puts a bit of an extreme hippy-twist in the geo-choreography.

If you’re planning a New Year’s Eve party in Bali, remember that the beach areas around Kuta/Legian/Seminyak have also been getting hammered about that same time every year.

Next year, 2011, the weather in Indonesia will be hotter.

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  1. O wow, I was right. 2011 has been hot. Not as hot as, eg, 2009. But not a lot of rain at all for the last 3 months. I can’t wait for beautiful girl weather again . . . and then . . . apocalyptic flooding next year? From flood to fire.

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