DSL broadband by Telkom Speedy and the alternatives here in Jakarta

This is an update to our post about Cable broadband by First Media which provides step-by-step information on how to cancel and/or cancel and renew the services your receive from your Jakarta ISP. Why? Well, 1) in order to keep the price fair after the initial “special promotion” period expires and/or 2) because you don’t like the service after all.

The first reason remains entirely valid as Speedy’s biggest fans can confirm. If you love Speedy — and here at the Sharehouse we got great service for years although we shelled out a whole lot, too — then cancel and sign up again.

At the same time, after nearly 200 speed tests over the last week, here in Menteng/Kuningan area, cable broadband by First Media is consistently a lot faster that DSL by Speedy. Why? Because only First Media can consistently stay close to its advertised speeds on international data missions. Telkom’s Speedy DSL service only performs as promised when you’re slamming data back and forth between two points in Jakarta.

We’ll post updates on this little road rally, but so far First Media is far ahead of Telkom in the entry-level I-want-fast-Internet-and-I don’t-want-to-pay-a-lot bracket. After all, why would you want to pay a hefty premium to your Jakarta ISP for some “heavy duty” broadband package if the pipe is always clogged or just a trickle of broadband is coming out your end of it?”

We also learned just how much we didn’t know about getting a good Internet connection, including this: if you’re serious about speed, dig through your boxes and find a LAN cable. Both Speedy and First Media connections can be shared via WiFi. But this can be problematic.  Getting a good connection is tricky enough in Indonesia that you don’t want to heap the vagaries and vicissitudes of WiFi on top of the rest.

And how about Hypernet, which is in theory available in this area. They wirelessly offer whole-grain, fiber-flavored digital goodness (and no added sugar ) to the entire household for Rp 500,000 / month. Money back refund on this post if we’ve mistranslated some of the tech-speak there.


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