Hot Indonesian models from Bajaj — Is blue the new orange?

Before you ring out the dirty old Bajaj orange of yesteryear and ring in baby new Bajaj blue — the new-and-evolved CNG-powered auto-trike from Indian manufacturer Bajaj — check out the following.


Cewek bajaj Jakarta

Good Ol' ORANGE or new BABY BLUE -- you choose !

The buzz on the new Bajaj is a bummer. It says the newer, quieter, roomier model isn’t catching on because it’s too expensive. Drivers report a long day of work before bringing in the first Rp 100,000 that goes to the owner of the beast. With the old Bajaj it was only 50,000 rupes to freedom.

But we’re not convinced at all. We love all Bajaj models because they’re funk and punk at the same time.  It important thing is not whether they catch one, but whether you can catch one.

Of 18 CNG filling stations, only 6 are operating — one in Gandaria and one in Pancoran. Just in case you’re trying to predict where you’re gonna get lucky today in South Jakarta.

What about the new model pink and green Bajaj? Did you ever ride in one of those? That’s kind of finding a four-leaf clover.



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