Sharing house in WWII Jakarta — Dutch prisoners of war in Menteng

Tirta remembered

The streets running parallel to Mampangweg, such as Jl. Tegal, Jl. Cirebon and Jl. Lembang, were closed off during the Japanese occupation due to the fact that the houses on them were used as internment camps for Dutch women and children. Tall bamboo fences and barbed wire marked the enclosures.

As I walked to my school on Jl. Cikini, I would hear screams of women being beaten, probably because they did not bow low enough to their wardens. I can still remember the horror of them to this day.

All of the following are crayon drawings by F. George Erfmann, a Djakarta-based World War II observer about whom I know very little.  All drawings, as far as I know, depict the Japanese prisoner of war center (ie “camp” or “kamp” )  known as Kampong Makasar, which I believe was located in East Jakarta.

Some of the drawings are reminiscent of American World War II-era painter and illustrator  Norman Rockwell.


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