Jakarta Globe on bubur ayam Cikini and other famous boobers

Bubur ayam is rice porridge with chicken and we’ve covered it before. But this here Jakarta Globe article on Jakarta’s best bubur (rice porridge) may need to  bookmark or print. It’s one of a kind. Firstly, it covers various parts of the city. Second, it’s in English.  But Jak is a big place. So if you’re looking for specialty bubur or looking for it off the beaten track, then you may require the five page listing of doable Jakarta bubur ayam at Kaskus (in Indonesian).

Bubur is labor intensive — not the same as throwing a couple scoops of nasih putih in a hot wok and adding goopedyy-goop and shreddy-shreds to taste. But for every 15 or 20 itinerant nasi goreng lads there is a proper bubur bapak out there who really knows his rice. Finding these guys is part of the fun. And then you have to ferret out just what it is they’re calling bubur ayam, as not everyone agrees on what tastes best. Not even close. For example, why would you put an egg in there?

Few folks, I presume, are allergic to rice porridge or even harbor a (legitimate) dislike for it. (Granted, it sounds kinda weird. You just have to try it.)  It’s great for breakfast,  but also lovely after a hard night of clubbing.  If you can avoid the temptation to dump soy sauce, chili sauce onions, and meat into your porridge, then it’s a great antidote for street food blues (the result of not checking the Internet before you check the street).

The boober is your 24/7 Jakarta “safe” street food solution.


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