Indonesia makes expat shortlist 2011 — 2050

Why? Because it’s one of those “developing” countries with a large, young population whose fundamentals — according to Citibank chief economist Willem Buiter — make it hard to sink.  It may go under for a while. But it will come bobbing up again.  (And I’m sure a big ol’ bank like that wouldn’t foul  up on an expat issue of this magnitude ;  )

Of course, the other reason expats are dreamin’ and schemin’ of Indonesia is because it’s such a great place to live.

This is a forward-looking list and all the winners are in Africa and Asia. But do you really want to expatriate to China, Egypt or Iraq right now? They got ranked the same as Indonesia. How about Nigeria? Never been there, but I doubt it’s as laid back as Jak.

India, Mongolia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Vietnam? Sure. Instant Expat would do probably go for something like that — as long as you get free airfare back to Jak.

And just how does Indonesia make the list? Well, Buiter’s Global Growth Generator (3G) formula weights these six aspects of development:

  1. A measure of domestic saving/ investment
  2. A measure of demographic prospects
  3. A measure of health
  4. A measure of education
  5. A measure of the quality of institutions and policies
  6. A measure of trade openness

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