Jakarta 24/7: What’s up with the fixie bike thing?

Simon Pitchforth has got this one covered and just in time. Everyone’s starting to ask: what’s up with the bikes in Jakarta thing? There used to be only a few of us, seriously. Why at night? Why Jakarta?

Well, because it’s cool and you can move faster than in a car. Those are among the reasons. Why a bike with no gears? Because you can get an imitation one that will be really cheap and look really expensive.

Why ride your bike to 7-11? Because it’s such a great place Jakarta hang out.

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  1. Dyan Sunu says the fixie thing is about convenience and practicality. Because of the start-n-stop way of Jakarta traffic you don’t want to have to be out there fooling with gears and such. I grew biking in Idaho and California, where mountains and mountain bikes, respectively, come from. So I must admit that the advantages to not having any gears on your bike is something I’ll need to study up on. I had no complaints back when I used to shred about on my C-dale F-1000.

    But Dyan (Caramel bikes) is talking about bikes he makes for biking his city. So, like I say, more study required. Here’s the website:


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