1st Media cable internet is Rp 378,000 (3mb) & ideal for Kuningan, Menteng

For this area, FastNet from First Media is ideal because it’s almost never down or noticeably slow.

Why do we mention it? Well, just to update our previous consumer satisfaction posts about Lippo-owned First Media FastNet broadband service, including comparisons to Indonesian government-owned  Telkom Speedy DSL.

OK, I’d be a little  surprised to hear that First Media customer service won awards recently, since in the past (including before it was called First Media) the customer was so reliably always wrong. Nevertheless, I have not  heard any complaints recently from the Sharehouse finance department; so it seems they’re managing to get the bill paid without a phone brawl.

Certainly we try not to abuse our hookup since — who knows — if everyone decided to download movies on the same day, that would presumably suck bandwidth and —  if you tried hard enough — you could probably even “screw over” your ISP to some degree.  But that’s just never been an issue here. I’m sure speed does vary for us here and I’m sure the connection has gone down for a spell a number of times. (It has. And each time we call First Media immediately and then continue reporting the outage on a regular basis. They often deny any problem on their end while — I must assume — simultaneously resetting the connection so it works ; )

But not very often. And the rest of the time it’s simply “fast.” Don’t know how it works in your naked woods, but ’round here it’s cruisy.

(Sadly, we did cancel our First Media cable TV service, again. First, it seemed like there were less and less good channels all the time. Surprise, surprise. Second, one of the cable boxes was broken and they didn’t seem very enthusiastic about fixing it. Third, we hated the way we got strong-armed into investing  more in a service we didn’t really like. It seemed to us we had been given crappy service so that we’d complain, so that they could cut a deal with us to vastly improve the service for not too much money. The first time we mentioned the possibly of canceling our cable subscription it was casual on our part. But First Media was so adamant that we not cancel it. But we persisted, even as they pretended like they would be forced to cancel our broadband, too. You just have to patiently rip into the rep again and again on the phone. Eventually they’ll quit playing dumb.

Seems like we’d probably qualify for a special offer if we decided to sign up again for cable TV from First Media. So why not cancel?)

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