Neil Young in Jakarta

Expat Neil Young was the guy who said “every man needs a maid.” Funny thing is, my mom used to clean house for one of the members for CSN&Y.  I wonder if it was British invader Graham Nash. He had all his gold records in the bathroom, that’s what I know for sure. That would have been in or near Portola Valley, CA ca. 1974. It was not honorary American Neil Young who, turns out,  is yet another Canadian.

Anyway, on somewhat inexplicably grey day here in Jak, as I was saying, his funk stuff’s amongst us.

As Ben Harper said about Bob Marley (paraphrase), I don’t mean no nonsense or nothing, you know? I mean, I think I’m about as grounded as the next guy. I think I have a relatively realistic perspective of things — from where I’m coming from. But I know, that Neil Young — this rock star I just barely learned about  — is more than just an ordinary man. I’m convinced of that.

And not only is the Youngish, fun-loving, avacado-w/-maple syrup -flavored spirit present here in Jakarta (the homeland of the free and home of the brave), but you can also access his website by clicking (which you should do by all means — fun and funny as hell).

Another funny thing — maybe this happened to you — is that I liked Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young and the Byrds but still didn’t know who Neil Young was. (I just barely discovered the Hollies, thanks to a friend .)

I had a vague notion this Young dude may have been moonlighting as as a high school art teacher in Texas because — do you remember Beavis & Butthead’s long-haired, guitar-playing art teacher who sings Lesbian Seagull accompanying himself on acoustic guitar as the school bus is going over the cliff? That guy. The other bands  are the CSN&Y pedigree, background or whatever you call it.

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