Instant Expat bluffing, holds single pair of unsolicited Internations endorsements (Malte Zeecke & Simona)

OK, I admit it. I’m an amateur blogger, I never read other people’s blogs, I can’t  optimize my own — not even the blogroll  using WordPress.

And when I  post — which is rare —  it’s stuff that would seemingly  appeal to only the most  severely limited subset of who’s online:  people who actually can’t read or use the Internet but would still like to see some antique photos of Jakarta back in the day, junior high fans of  Indonesian reggae, and people  interested in what a 19th century Java-based German mushroom expert  who published in Dutch had to say about atheism.

So let me just apologize in advance to readers (if any) for the Internations stunt. I know it was unfair and unattractive. In fact, I’ve never been to Brussels and they never asked me to be Internations 2013-14 Blogger Partner or help on Millennium Development Goals (MDG) 4 or 5.  Those  times I did make it mid-week schmooze-and-booze?  I just walked in. They did not waive the specially-negotiated Rp 300,000  per-event fee one pays (unless one has already paid Internations membership fees, in which case its Rp 250,000 ).

Meanwhile, back on the farm in Madura . . .

What I’m holding is a single pair of unsolicited endorsements, to wit:

  •  “Most Captivating  Read,” for our “About” tab (from Simona, June 2012);  and
  • “Most Convincing Quality” [no laughs], (from Malte Zeecke), for our  March 2012 post titled ” Instant Expat Phenomenon — why Jakarta is such mad fun and how to get a piece. “

Thing about expats these  days — you know, those  oddballs  who abandon baby, best friend and bathwater  to live weird  in different places — well they’re  spoiled when it comes to  a shot at community and a chance to misfit-in even better.

Example: it’s Expat Blog, a self-explanatory, interactive channel providing society action for the socially challenged. Here you’ll find some 50 pages of Jakarta listings, each with links to 30 blogs, for a grand total of nearly 1500 Jakarta-based expat bloggers representing 75 nations and including the Instant Expat (running on the Puerto Rican ticket ; )

So what does three-of-a-kind beat?


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  1. Yep, they do seem to rather desperate, don’t they.

    Back in April, I pointed out that “I don’t consider myself part of the expat community here and had no intention of going into Kemang for an expensive nosh and fancy booze.

    As their website has it, it’s a site for those who go to “stay” in a foreign country. I ‘live’ here, and have no intention of decamping elsewhere, let alone returning ‘home’ ”
    Furthermore, I said that expats here have been well-catered for with the Living in Indonesia site ( which has been going for some 15 years (and happily features my blog.)

    I also pointed out that their information was a darn sight more correct than this statement on the Internations site: “Currently, residents living in Jakarta have the opportunity to take a number of rickshaw-type vehicles (bajaj, becak, bemo, etc.) which can seat up to 4 people comfortably.”

    Malke passed on my lengthy, but polite, email to his underlings who wrote back with a request to check their info.

    Why should I?

  2. hey T., thanks for the comment. I’m no longer playing solitaire. I liked the comments from Internations, too. Just figured they needed a little context. yea, the times I went it was walk distance from Sharehouse and lots of fun. Brought a friend and paid dearly, but if you’re a drinker (we weren’t) then you can’t really lose on the deal. not good for biz networking as much as social. honestly, interesting peeps do show up. i’ll blog that story later. I think may be Internations they SEO tip about “expat” even tho in this case it’s not even part of URL . . .

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