THR Appreciation Dinner With Kel. Guntur RW 02 Sanitation Team (4 Aug. 2012)

The pics below are from the second benefit/appreciation event the Sharehouse has done for the Guntur sanitation team. In truth, the idea was inspired by the BBC video feature: Jakarta, toughest place to be a bin man.

Aside from being one of the few houses in this area that puts rubbish in bins (true innovators, huh),  I don’t think our efforts to make the team’s work easier have succeeded. However, we communicate better with them now and continue to learn about Jakarta garbage challenges through this channel. If you’re like to compare notes, please contact us.

One benefit of our feeble garbage activism, for us, has been the opportunity to connect with like-minded Jakarta greenies and other stakeholders including the local level of the Jakarta administration, our neighborhood  Garbage Bank and Hidden Park.


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