Reduce, reuse & recycle in Menteng and Kuningan — MY DARLING Garbage Bank

I took these pictures for  my neighbor Yennie Moelyanie Hidayat who runs our just-launched neighborhood garbage bank, Bank Sampah My Darling.

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Address:   Jl. Sultan Agung 20, near Apotik Merdeka (between Jl. Guntur and Jl. Halimun)  

Hours: It’s open on Wed. and Sat. from 10:00 to 2:00. 

This project is based on a locally recommended model that is in line with Jakarta city bylaws and other regulations listed below.  However, Ibu Yennie’s creativity — especially her concept of reuse —  makes this project different.  Just look at what she makes out of Aqua bottles!

Most (not all) of the creations are Ibu Yennie’s and you can purchase them or learn how to do it yourself.  Please email for  more information.

Here’s how the garbage bank system works:  you drop off your pre-sorted aluminum, paper, cardboard and plastic (Weds or Sat). It gets weighed and credited to your account using the passbook system. Later you can withdraw and convert to cash.

More important that the cash,  this is an opportunity to join a creative, fun, practical local community. The hard part might be finding the place, so here’s a clue:

Start at Pasar Rumput as if you were going to the Shangri-La hotel. Stop after you pass the military police headquarters on Jl Guntur but before you reach the Halimun intersection and busway — just before the Merdeka drug store. In other words, it’s directly on the main drag that follows the canal between Menteng and Kuningan (on the Kuningan side). 

If you’re looking for an easy win-win recycling solution in this area (incl. CBD, Setia Budi, Benhil, Tebet, Thambrin, etc) then why not start with aluminum cans.  You’ll instantly make new friends if you by with a bunch of cans.

Concept based on:

• Perda DKI No.8 Tahun 2007
• UU No.18/2008 tentang Pengelolaan Sampah
• Draft Naskah Akademis Rancangan Perundang-undangan Pengelolaan Sampah
• Masterplan Pengelolaan Sampah 2012-2032

Please email for more info.


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