Cara bikin blog — tips & trips untuk blogger baru

Apa artinya blog?

Blog itu adalah : web + log, sedangkan sebuah log adalah buku hari-harian — seperti pakai kapten kapal. Sering kali kapten, penjelajah maupun ilmuwan berwajib mebuat buku catatan (log) — kecuali mau lupa/rugi/tabrak sekalian.  Tapi siapa bilang semua blog mesti menarik atau keren. Tidak mesti. Semua tergantung.

Blog bukan rahasia malah umum dan publik. Jadi, jangan mencoba ngblog dalam isolasi.  Silahkan ngcek duluh pendapatan orang sebelum posting. Kalau sudah di posting sama orang lain, tidak usah di ulangi — kecuali kurang jelas, tidak menarik, jadul, dll.  Kalau emang begitu, silahkan di rapikan atau meperbarui aja. Dan jangan lupa kasih link kpd aslinya.

Kenapa post blog biasanya pakai link?

Karena kami ngblog dalam lingkungan publik sedangkan link adalah teknik untuk menujuk, seperti   . . . . .>>>>ini (cara bikin blog WordPress) dan/atau  ini (bedanya blog gado2 dan blog niche).  Pemakaian link  bisa menciptakan konteks, kredibilitas dan kedalaman secara cepat.

Yakin gak orang akan membaca posting saya?

Sebenarnya, pembaca anda yg pertama dan utama selalu menjadi Google, Yahoo, dll. Jika Google suka blog  anda, dewa itu akan di promosikan, secara tidak dikubur lagi dibawa konten orang lain. Setelah itu, pasti orang datang. Jangan lupa: Google menyukai  tulisan yg menarik, terfokus dan  unik. Tidak usah rumit atau canggih – sederhana juga okey. (Tentu, Google senang juga kalau pakai foto yg menarik, unik dan berkualitas.)

Apa saya mesti modalin banyak waktu untuk memiliki blog bagus?  

Beberapa aset dan keterampilan yg relevan untuk anak blogger: mata utuk theme/meme/dream unik dan menarik; latihan menulis; disiplin sebagai editor ; ) keberanian menghadapi teknologi baru (tidak pernah berenti belajar), keyakinan desain grafis, dan keramahan dan kesediaan untuk terhubung dengan orang lain (networking, promotion).

Waktu juga penting. Pas kemarin ada blog visitor yg pasang comment kpd posting  lama  yg justru itu. Makanya, minta izin beralih kdp bahasa inggris untuk jawap seperti berikut:

How much time does blogging take?

(The Indonesian above says about the same as the English, below. I just wrote it twice to prove a point about how much time you can waste blogging ; ) 


Howdy! I understand this is somewhat off-topic but I had to ask. Does running a well-established blog such as yours require a large amount of work? I’m completely new to blogging however I do write in my diary daily.

I’d like to start a blog so I can share my own experience and thoughts online. Please let me know if you have any kind of ideas or tips for new aspiring blog owners. Thank you!


Well, I had one blog b4 this one. I proved to myself it was not only doable but good for cheap thrills, a type of instant gratification publishing (aside from business purpose, which many blogs have, including this one).  So I started Instant Expat  with this particular post, which prolly took longer to write (and was separately published). But at the time I felt it was like “an anchor.”

Blogging is fun, challenging and good therapy but — as you say and as I learned — a time sink. Comic  writer and clue-giver Warren Ellis says something about blogging that seems on topic:

I think blogging is a muscle that most people wear out. Also, Twitter’s taken over the curational role in large part, so that the interesting weird stuff comes to me rather than me having to seek it out and paste it on my blog so I don’t lose it. Tumblr’s my visual notebook, these days.   

Anyway, for sure as hell it depends on how you do it. For the most part, if you care about hits, when you create a web blog (blog) you need to log more than just your thoughts; although straight-up  thoughts might be well suited for a micro-blog  platform like Twitter. Because isn’t a blog  more about how your experience is connected  to others’ ? Kind of like,  where you see things going from where you’re coming from; backed up with examples on the web. But  linking requires research and that leads fast to expertise, even credibility, thus further increasing time investment (but not necessarily hits).

Still, it’s entirely possible that what you think and write about every day is unique and falls in an organized way into some type of  niche that  Google knows about. If so, then yes, just keep doing what you’re doing in a new format. The free version of WordPress isn’t great (OK, it sucks : ); but someone like me would have no problem wasting days on end blogging even with state of the art subscriber tools.

Unless you literally have secrets to share — or plan to leverage real-life popularity (friends, esp. bloggers) or maybe graphics/ photography assets (another time sink) then — totally wild guess — in a market like mine, it may take a year or so of semi-diligent posting (three times a month) to reach a point where you can step back, take a breath, feel some accomplishment and decide what’s next — another blog, a wider audience, another online business endeavor, another genre of writing etc.

Of course if you live a fascinating life and you know crazy cool stuff is going to happen to you, no sweat. Just kind of open an online channel and broadcast. Again, Twitter might be better. Although a tweet ain’t much to look at there’s an immediacy with Twitter that makes a blog feel last year (as I recently discovered).  And the “followership” with Twitter is  totally dif. than a blog or Facebook.

But no matter what, just you do the opposite of what I do and you should be OK. The thing about blogging is that it seems to be a mature genre — lot of pros, i.e., content specialists posting on a daily basis on behalf of an employer or client. Drudge was a blog (and still looks like one) –and Huff post. So it’s a long wayz baby already. While there’s no need to go head to head with pros, it has driven up expectations of web visitors regarding blog looks and functionality.

Here’s a blog that also covers Indonesian street-level wackiness (among other things) but with much more method to the  madness. Not only is it based on a better blogging platform with bells and whistles (these work), the dude has also found a way to simply spend less time per post and still get the hits he’s after.

Are there reasons to blog besides getting hits. Surely. But there aren’t too many reasons for spending countless hours on posts that  few will ever see. Depends though. Maybe it’s part of how you’re writing a book? Maybe it really is for your grand kids? Can’t really say.

One more thing — and I guess this is the real reason you should spend only a fraction of the time I do on each post — you just don’t know what’s going to be a hit.  And when something turns out to be a hit — I don’t do this either — then you really need to find out why.


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