Kuningan Cowboy | Bovine Mobile Living

Bovine Mobile_smallSpeaking of bullshit, there’s a friendly bapak who tends a small, co-ed herd of large cows in the “kampung” area between Menara Imperium and Taman Rasuna (behind KPK, not far from the Sharehouse). It used to be a swamp, then an empty grassy area and now it’s sprouting skyscrapers and most of the people who lived there (even had a mosque) are gone.

“I’ve been shot, blogged and broadcast,” he told me, shaking his head. “And I ain’t got a single snapshot to show nobody.”

So I’m going to take him some high-quality roasted “chocolate” malt (spoiled, won’t work for brewing). Baby cow ought to be into that. And then a couple of prints for the dude, including this one I shot a few weeks ago . I’ll Probably have it printed at Pasar Rumput, which turns out to be faster and easier than Snapy, Subur, etc.  If you’re into big picture Jakarta, this one (same as photo above) will at least fill a computer screen.

And please go easy on the bullshits. There’s every indication that manouer is not to be counted. Let’s embrace the singularity before its too late 8 |


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