Bule Madura meets Kuningan cowboy

My Madurese-American daughter is only 8 months old, but she found the cows pretty impressive. Unlike elephants, which I think are a little too big for her to appreciate.  But almost everyone who drives through this #partaJakarta stops to have a look at the cows.


I heard BSD group bought land here and is building two towers. Not sure where. Needless to say, the cows won’t be around too much longer.  The cowboy will sell his land and his cows and, who knows, maybe move into a fancy apartment here in the #heartofJakarta.

small madura

But there has been so much rain this year I almost wish I had a couple out there myself. Tons of grass. Not at all like Madura, where this time of year it’s already dry as a bone in a lot of places — like #Bangkalan.


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