Shut down & off the hook: Jakarta Car-Free Day photos (every Sunday a.m.)

So these are the best pics I could find of “Car-Free Day” which is when they shut down 5 miles or so of the downtown every Sunday a.m. for jogging, biking and just hanging out. Oh yea. And one pic of “Car-Free Night,” just in case.

So the earlier you go the cooler it is. If you later, it’s hotter as well as less cool. Bring your camera. This may be the only time you see adult Indonesian women wearing shorts, err …

Photo of Car Free Day in Jakarta from Sudutpandangedward33 blog at blogspot photo by @rossa_indah (Twitter) Photos of Indonesia lowrider bicycles Hotel Indonesia traffic circle on "Car Free" Sunday morning in Jakarta 8107925709_835c72f6fd_z Indonesian girls in short shorts and t-shirts Car Free day in Jakarta from Aldiesyafaat.files.wordpress blog Photo of Car Free Day Jakarta, by Argo Sendy Lawu Photo by daiax at Flickr Photo of Car free day in Jakarta by daiax at Flickr daiax_8646822559_flickr Indonesia in line skate photo by Galih Setyo Putro of Hifatlobrain blog jakarta_car_free_night_by_sawungkampretz-d5rujiu Bikes and street vendors on Jl Sudirman for Jakarta Car Free day welovejakarta_com


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