Concrete communities of Indonesia: Coworking is the new sharehouse

So you’ve heard about Hubud and Comma. But how about Conclave? Open 24/7, massive windows, showers, and a workshop where you can hammer, drill and grind stuff.

A fitness club for your career married to a library and an internet cafe — hubs and coworking ventures are kinky, hybrid creatures. They’re inspired by the free-wheeling work culture of the Silicon Valley startup scene (traditional hub at Stanford University).

Co-operation. I love that. Even the hyphen. My operation. And yours. Grinding merrily along at 3:00 a.m., enveloped by the magic mists of central Bali or the hipster haze of South Jakarta.

To join the hubbub click any of the graphics below.

Hubut coworking Bali

Hubut coworking community hub in Ubut, Bali

Indonesia coworking

Conclave, Jakarta’s and largest newest coworking spot


Comma coworking space in South Jakarta


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