A Canadian or Two

Love the look and coming up 2 speed on content here. But the velocity is a real issue. It’s just not easy to keep up with people like Jeremy Allan and Sacha Stevenson. (And I’d throw in Byron Black ; ) They just move fast. Everywhere at once in the case of Jeremy. He rides his bike to Jakarta from Bali and you send him a text and he’s like “Sorry, I missed you man. Heading back.” True story, but it’s happened a bunch of times.

So it’s really appropriate that when you see the above clip (all over the place — including Sacha’s killer blog ) in like the 1st frame you can see Jeremy (who’s interviewing Sacha) while in the 2nd you see the subtitle “One Canadian . . . Two Indonesians . . .”

One Canadian? Oh yea. And Jeremy (of course).  I was explaining to a friend how this works last night as friend was thumbing through the latest edition of the slick new expat weekly . . . and immediately runs into a rundown of Jeremy’s Merapi recovery and tourism activities.

Apropos, there’s this funny story which I have yet to tell in English, how my ass got passed on Rasuna Said by Sacha Stevenson — AKA Bule on Blades — on way home from client’s location today.

Nah, speaking of urban ups-and-downs, I’m getting lots of fun shots on the flyover between Kuningan and Menteng.  Is this the new people-and-animal watching spot — Byron on Sunday, Sacha on Monday.


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