My posts about the Jakarta weather in Jakarta

The weather in Jakarta — now that’s something we can vote on. Is it good, bad, or neutral. I personally, don’t like the weather I associate with fasting month (although it’s probably as much the traffic and socially charged atmosphere that has on occasion left a bitter taste). But lemme tell you about how sweet Jak was over the weekend and last night and this morning  — or at least smelled.

But did everybody enjoy it?  I think so. It’s uncharacteristically cool. It visibly chills the place out.

For the record: here are the other posts about Jakarta weather, organized by date and whether they were positive, negative or neutral.

January showers bring all kinds of fragrant Jakarta flowers (Jan. 20, post)

Jakarta’s beautiful girl weather — La Nina’s calm before the storm (Oct. 11, pos)

Jakarta rains, garden gains (Sept. 27, neutral)

Jakarta weather is the best  (Sept. 1, pos)

Neil Young in Jakarta (June 1, neg)


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