Sharehouse culture

You’re basically on your own for meals. Over the years Sharehouse management has gotten better at staying out of tenants’ way and focusing instead on keeping the AC cold and the hot water hot, etc. Information, however, is one of the things we do share rather well here. Breakfast table chat can save a lot of online research and trial-and-error exploration, especially as regards weekend getaway ideas, Jakarta entertainment, etc.

If you’re a private person we won’t bug you and you’ll love the peacefulness here. If you’re a social animal then you’ll be pleased to know that our tenants invariably end up becoming good friends, creating relationships that typically survive once everyone’s moved out and moved on. (That’s primarily a reflection of the positive qualities of the types of young to young-ish expats coming to Jakarta these days. The office set in Jakarta tends to work long hours during the week, then fully unwind at the weekend.)

We do ask that you abide by the terms of your sublease and respect our right to operate the business.

JAN 2013  Even with a couple cooks on board, we seem to be one “b” short of a bed and breakfast.  In principle we want to help Jakarta stay above water through sustainable living. However, aside from a successful micro-brew initiative and nascent recycling program, we haven’t fully descended from the trees as regards some of the more highly evolved human sharing behaviors — like shared meals. Never say never.


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