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Anak reggae (reggae kids) — scene & herd







With all due respect to the antique and decrepit, the rule around here is that reggae is for kids, AKA “reggae kids” (anak reggae).

Nevertheless, on a damp night just before rainy season, mature Indonesian women in Muslim head scarves and  even a few old bules trailed hordes of Indonesian teens through the gangs or alleyways of South Jakarta, past the make-shift security check point, and out into the mud and mist at Ahmad Yani Field.

Reggae travels well. Everyone and their mom has heard it almost since birth. And headliner Ras Muhamad doesn’t play a ton of shows. So maybe it isn’t surprising that all kinds of folks would gather to see just what West Indian music can do for us here in the East.

But when Psycho came on, a herd of *little kids* charged out onto the pitch and fought their way through the must pit toward the stage. Effective as can be, within seconds Anggie (vocals and trumpet) had worked the crowd into a ska-ful frenzy as his parents watched from the bleachers, at a safe distance from the muck.

Like ecstasy and good surf, ska is said to come in waves.  “First wave” — I guess — was Bob Marley & the Wailers. Then Two Tone. Various ska revivals. Etc. So maybe it’s a generational thing.

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