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Polwan Harley BM — Indonesian women you don’t wanna mess with

Here’s the picture of the Asian the chicks that almost got away.  Thanks to a friendly train, however . . . here’s a 30 Jan 2010 shot of a Brigade Motor (BM) unit comprised of female police (polisi wanita or “polwan”). The bikes are supposedly Harleys and — if I’m not incorrect — here you’ll find here the lady biker cops article that describes what’s going on in the picture.Polwan BM pakai Harley

The article (in Indonesian) says the bikes are 1690 cc Harleys and seven of them were recently purchased by the Jakarta administration so the female police could help out with the infamously snarled traffic situation — for 5 billion rupiah.

In any event, for now please check out the super cool and informative photos below originally posted by Donny Apriliananda at www.dapurpacu.com together with an article entitled “Between Big Bikes and Feminism.”

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